Our Culture is
Our Company

We are one independent, progressive company with one inclusive, dynamic culture. We want you to learn, grow and gain experience every day. So we’ll always support, train and reward you. Because when you succeed, we all do.

What makes us
the A-Team?

Happy developers mean profitable projects and satisfied clients. Over the years, we've developed a successful formula to take care of our people – they are up-to-date with technologies, well-coordinated and effective. By choosing Pixter, you’re guaranteed to work with high-quality teams only.


Dealing with international clients is no problem for us – We speak English, Portuguese and Spanish and further improves our language skills in weekly lessons.

Internal bootcamps

Before joining a commercial project, all developers undergo internal training to learn work procedures and processes.

Mentoring programs

The senior staff helps and supports juniors – this way they learn, develop, and get promoted faster.

Battle-proven tools

Developers test and choose the right tools themselves, adapting them to each project according to business and technical requirements.

Award-winning workplace

Our office has places planned for every situation: team meetings, big conferences, calls with clients, and quiet zones.

Going beyond tech

We encourage people to learn not only technology but also soft skills, management, team collaboration, and public speaking.

Smells like team spirit

Everybody in Pixter is on the same team, respects and supports each other. This way, we work towards a common goal.

Benefits and Wellness

We allocate part of the budget to benefits, help with health, help with work at home, gym and wellness.

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