Working with Amazon, Google, Porto Seguro, XP Inc, Samsung, OLX, Mercedes-Benz Bank - and many more - we are changing how companies innovate and go digital.

We know how important it is to have the best people in the world working with us and to recognize and reward this talent.

Yes, it's technology, but made by people, and for that reason, our biggest concern is to ensure an incredible culture.

In addition to great professionals, Pixter has a training and certification school so that all professionals are level with the same standard of quality and transform society, generating countless opportunities around the world.

This is our place

In all of our offices, you’ll find an Anthony Burrill quote:
“work hard and be nice to people”.

They’re words we live by. It’s what we do.

Meet our people

Pixter is first and foremost created by people. With over 200
software developers, engineers, designers, QA testers and
managers, we will make your project happen.

Glauco Maschio

Founder & CEO Global

Sandro W. Pereira dos Santos


Paulo Pesch

CFO Global

Paulo Albuquerque

Partner & Head of Technology

Felipe Paiva

Partner & Head of Technology

Fernanda Monteiro

Head of People & Culture

Henrique Fernandes

Head of Project

Thiago Ribeiro

Head of Operations

Industries we serve

Pixter specializes in digital transformation for some specific industries, and we can help with any challenge in those industries.

Real Estate
Venture Capital
Oil & Gas